Trade, Swap or Exchange My Duluth House

girl holding trade sign

No Need to List Your Home

We structure deals where the Seller will contract to buy your home in Duluth if you agree to buy their home, resulting in an all cash transaction. 

We Do 1031 Exchanges

As investors this is a great tool.  This allows you to trade, swap or exchange your Duluth house without incurring taxes on your profit. *Conditions exist.

Simultaneous Closings 

This eliminates the uncertainty associated with moving twice or storing belonging.  This provides for an all cash transaction when you trade, swap or exchange your Duluth property or house.

Most Trades & Swaps Are Sold “AS IS”  

That’s right; no need to make costly repairs or get your Duluth house ready for the market.

Eliminate the Need to Show Your House

Generally, there is no need to list your Duluth home when you trade, swap or exchange you home or property.  We just structure the deal so you close on both homes at the same time.

No Need to Make Contingency Offers

When facilitating a trade, swap or exchange on your Duluth house you don’t have to worry about contingency offers, because you will receive cash for your hose at closing.

To facilitate a trade, swap or exchange your property certain conditions must exist. Contact Broker for details. Van Purser Georgia Real Estate License #164529.

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