If I could express my experience in one sentence, I will work with him to purchase another house! Great team, fast answers, supportive and he always was there at any time to answer any questions we had and guidance in the process.
We represented the Buyer in this transaction. He was referred to us by a former client that has referred numerous clients to us, even her daughter and her husband. Our client actually was renting the home; which provided some interesting nuances. 
One of the hick ups was The FIRPTA Law regarding non-residents. Fortunately there was an exemption that allowed for the closing attorney not to withhold 15% of the sales price; which would be remitted to the IRS. 

Felipe Niada

I fear this review might be misconstrued by some to believe I was paid by this agent. Nope! I am excited about doing a review of Van and his wife Jeanne. I say without hesitation that you absolutely will not find an agent that works harder, has a greater level of expertise, and looks out for  your best interest always. Van seeks to serve his clients to the best of his abilities and you benefit; this goes as being a seller and a buyer. I know that without following his advice on how to stage my house and how to negotiate on buying a new house it would have cost me more. Wow - that's all I have to say!

Jason & Jodie Turner

Around June 2011 we engaged Van Purser of Van Purser and Associates to act as our buyer’s agent. At that time we were interested in purchasing our first home here in the USA. Despite owning properties elsewhere in the world we decided what we needed to navigate this process was someone with local knowledge and expertise. Most of all we needed someone who would be ethical and honest. Van came recommended to us by a local friend who had also happily purchased their home through Van. 

Van was instrumental in advising us on not only what to expect (from him and others) throughout the buying process but he also gave us the benefit of his extensive working knowledge of what the local buyer is generally looking for in a home. This was important as homes here in Georgia are designed and constructed quite differently to those we have purchased in the past overseas. Van enabled us to make informed decisions whilst viewing properties thus avoiding potential pitfalls. 

Once we had decided on a property Van did extensive research on comparable properties that were for sale at that time and those that had recently sold. He spent a great deal of time explaining his findings therefore allowing us to reach an informed decision on the true market value of our chosen property. This research provided the framework for price negotiation and then later supported the appraisal that was performed on the property. We were very pleased with Van’s negotiations; he kept us informed every step of the way and this resulted in us purchasing the home at a price we were more than happy with.

The home we purchased had an unfinished basement and was in need of some repairs as identified in the building inspection report. As a result of the trust and integrity Van had demonstrated throughout the purchase process we asked his company to undertake both the basement finishing and the repairs. We knew this was going to be a messy, noisy process and with two small children and a dog very trying! Van personally supervised the whole process and each day gave us verbal reports, feedback and an idea of what to expect next. Both he and his team of tradespeople were very sensitive to our needs as a family living in the home during the repairs and building process. We did have some unseen issues arise along the way and Van took care of each to our satisfaction, every time keeping us informed as things were rectified. The whole job was completed in a very timely fashion and his attention to every small detail was just brilliant. We love our new home and basement! 

We cannot speak more highly of Van and his wife Jeanne. We would encourage anyone thinking of buying, selling or renovating to contact Van personally. It is rare to find someone who genuinely feels like a friend at the end of a process such as this. If you are looking for a professional with both extensive real estate and building knowledge and integrity Van Purser should be the first person to call.

Timothy and Sarah Grabrovaz


When Van helped my husband and me sell and purchase our homes, it was truly an enjoyable, collaborative experience -- like no other real estate transactions I've ever had. Van has valuable insight into the local market as well deep understanding of the financial aspects of home buying and selling. He worked diligently on our behalf and did so in a way that respected all parties involved. Negotiations and transactions were focused on meeting people's needs, not on creating an adversarial atmosphere. His advice about putting our home on the market was spot-on, and he went so far as to give us recommendations for contractors he knew to be reliable and affordable for some needed repairs. The home sold immediately at a price we were very happy with. 

I recommend Van whole-heartedly and will definitely use his expertise and services again in the future.

Jane Gaboury

Van and Jeanne Purser are a great team. They guided us through the process of buying a new home and selling our existing home within 30 days of each other. Their expertise in the process and real estate in general is extremely valuable. Van's experience and connections as a licensed contractor  provided us with a level of understanding beyond what a typically agent can provide and significant savings on repairs pre-sale on our previous home and enhancements to our new home.

We would recommend them without reservation.

Nolan & Angela Breazeale

I did not know Van beforehand, so he came over to my house and we spent time talking and getting to know one another a little bit. During the listing and selling process, Van and Jeanne were very good at communicating, professional, and took care of things in a very timely manner. I was obviously  very pleased when we had 2 contracts on my house within 4 days. Van and Jeanne continued to communicate via email, phone and text and ensured that everything went smoothly through the closing. I would not hesitate to recommend them for your real estate needs.

Wallace Berry

When we decided to start the search for our first home we were recommended to Van and Jeanne Purser by friends of ours who had just gone through a purchase with them the year before.  Being first time home buyers we were unsure what to expect and what was realistic given the market.  After meeting with Van and Jeanne and discussing their backgrounds and specialties we were quite confident that they would be able to help us find the perfect house.

We began the process by narrowing down what was truly important to us in a home.  Van and Jeanne helped us develop a list of what was most essential to us and what would just ‘be nice’ to have.  They went the extra mile to make sure our search was as thorough and informative as possible.  It was important to them that we not settle on a house that had a great kitchen, for instance, but was missing some of the more essential items we needed. 

When we finally fell in love with a house it happened to be a foreclosure that required quite a lot of updating.  Van’s background in renovations was vital as we had to decide to buy the house ‘as is’ from the bank and determine if the plans we had for it were realistic.  Once we knew we wanted to move forward with an offer, Van and Jeanne’s real work began as we went through a very long negotiation process.  The bank selling the property is based in Texas and would sometimes take more than a week between correspondences.  Van was relentless in pursuing the bank’s realtor for information and making the process as smooth as possible.  With the Purser’s guidance and patience, we finally got the house we wanted and for the right price!

We have been in our house for 12 months now and are still extremely happy with our home and how the process went.  We recommend Van and Jeanne to anyone looking to find a new home, and can’t speak highly enough of their professionalism and hard work.  We never would have made it through the process without Van and Jeanne’s knowledge, expertise and patience.

Richard & Jessica Saunders

Van was a wonderful resource. My wife and I were relocating from CA and while we had previously lived in Atlanta 4 years earlier we were having to make our buying decision why flying back and forth to visit houses in only two weekends, one of which was a holiday. Coming from CA we could have easily over spent on a house because we were so used to the high prices. However, Van was excellent at shepherding us through the process. He came recommended by a friend and I have since recommended him to others.

Chance & Shelly Regina

Just a note to thank you for assisting us with the purchase of our home.  I’m sure that many people are a little reluctant to sell their home to an investor believing that they will not be offered a fair price or that they may be subjecting themselves to an adventure filled with hassles.  What a shock it was to find quite the opposite.  Anne and I have already recommended your services to our friends and will gladly continue to do so.  We could not imagine how it could have gone any easier or smoother. 

You immediately made us feel very comfortable with your thorough examination of the house and taking the time to explain everything with us.  The price offered was more than fair for the market and condition of our home.  We especially appreciated the comparison spreadsheet that your provided and meeting with us to answer all of our questions.  The entire sale went exactly as you outlined without any surprises. 

Anne and I have driven by twice so far and love what you have done and how you have not intruded on the neighbors during the remodeling process.  Your professional and personal attention to all of the details made this a very pleasant experience for us.  If time permits, I hope that you will contact Anne when your project is complete so she can see all of the wonderful improvements.  

Bob & Anne Bray

Van Purser was wonderful to work with when he helped us find our townhouse in the summer of 2014. When we first met with Van and his wife/partner, Jeanne, they both asked questions and made comments to help us discover our key objectives in finding the style home, location, price point, etc. Van is  a professional in every sense of the word, and he is excellent in coaching his customer to find out their priorities in choosing a home. We can't say enough about the step by step process Van led us through to help us be comfortable in the end result. Go with Van and Jeanne Purser, and you will be glad you did!

Dave & Karla Boy

Not to stroke your ego, but I’m refinancing my home and just ordered an appraisal. Your estimate of retail value based on the report you produced before we went under contract was around $227K. Well, our house just appraised at $227K. Again, appraisals don’t mean as much any more, except for the fact that our appraisal used a comp on our street which sold 2/23/09 for $225K. So with that “perfect comp” you were dead on in my opinion!

Nathan Dube'

John & Brianna buford

You will not find a more quality and trustworthy agent than Van Purser. He goes above and beyond to make sure you get the very best. He has expansive and unparalleled knowledge about contracts, home building , geography, and suspicious behavior lurking around every corner of real estate that is  working to make a profit off of you. Van always had our back and made sure we felt comfortable whenever it was decision time.

My wife and I chose Van to help us sell our home in Duluth and buy a home in Buford. Our goal was to sell at a certain price so that we could erase PMI on our new home. Throughout the very detailed process of preparing and showing our home to be sold, Van was with us every step of the way. He made sure our home was listed accurately and showed us his analysis, which gave us confidence as we received our many offers within a few days. Once we sold, we faced a very competitive buying market. We were very anxious to buy quickly after we sold. Van was able to see our eagerness, but helped us avoid impulsive decisions (we wanted to buy one home that would've been a huge money pit). When we found a home, Van (as always) acted swiftly to ensure the quality of the home and worked with the seller to make a quality offer.

He made us write a short introductory letter to the seller, which we later learned from the seller at closing was THE deciding factor to select our offer! We are now all moved into our home and whenever we have a question about a home project or repair, Van still answers his phone cheerfully and ready to help. I cannot imagine a better experience

John & Brianna Morris

With 3 homeschooled children, aLabrador, no basement, and a very small backyard, we were experiencing some serious growing pains. Having owned only two houses in the last 11 years, dealing with real estate matters was not something either me or my wife felt very equipped to handle.

The approach Van utilized was completely different than our other real estate transaction experiences. His approach involved knowing what we were looking for and knowing what our objectives were. It was more than just finding out the number of bedrooms and baths. Since my wife home-schools our children, trying to keep our house “show-ready” was nearly impossible. With Van’s counsel we were able to structure our deal where we bought our new home first and sold our existing home second.  Needless to say, project management skills were greatly needed to accomplish both transactions in a relatively short time period.

On the buying side of our transaction Van’s experience paid for itself. Having overpaid for our last house, I was determined this would not occur in our next house. Van did an excellent job of keeping me accountable to this concern. Had we not listened to his counsel, we would have paid about 4% more for our new house. We ended up with a home that met all of our needs and stayed with our stated objectives!!

On the selling side of our transaction, Van’s experience and project management made the experience incredibly smooth. Similar to Van’s work on the determining the value of the home we purchased, he spent a comparable amount of time in determining an appropriate value range on our existing home, with and without certain modifications. We ended up putting some money into our existing house (carpet, paint, miscellaneous repairs) with the expectation of getting a higher return. Van coordinated all of the work, which was completed in a matter of days. Our home went under contract in 21 days at 99.6% of what we were expecting to realize; all this in a very difficult market environment. This confirmed for me that Van’s counsel and assistance were dead-on accurate

At both of our closings, he was our representative throughout the entire process. He equipped us to be fully prepared at closing and assisted with any potential delaying issues from the other parties. He was instrumental in ensuring very smooth and timely closings.

I can’t imagine using anyone else!

Bob Heath

I strongly believe that my wife and I hit the lottery when Van walked into our lives! You can search the globe and assemble the top agents in every state to work with you, and they would all still come in second place to this guy. Responsive, attentive, intelligent, patient, compassionate, versatile, professional, hardworking, and driven are only a few words that encompass this man. Guided by strong ethics and fueled by his passion to see his client's vision come to fruition, Van delivered on everything he promised us, plus more! He waited patiently as my family and I changed our minds repeatedly and constantly adjusted his schedule to accommodate my busy work life and family changes. He guided our every decision in the home selling process, and again during the purchasing process, allowing us to make our own decisions, while preventing us from making costly mistakes. He sold our house and had us in our new home in under 3 months’ time, allowing our family to adjust to their new home during the summer and be ready to start school in time, If/when i ever decide to sell and purchase another home you can bet that Van will be right their alongside me. If you’re looking for an agent that possess one or two skills you can find them a dime a dozen, however if you’re looking to be worry free and confident that you got the absolute best value for your time and money, look no further then Van Purser the definition of total package!!!!

Adrian & Deanna Smith

I contacted Van in October 2016 in regards to purchasing our home of 11 years in order to relocate for the North Gwinnett school systems. Our old home was in need of some updating, and my schedule just would not allow for it. Van purchased our old home "as is", which allowed me the money I needed  to put down on our new home. Throughout the process, Van's attention to detail is what stood out to me the most. You can certainly tell he is an expert at what he does. He essentially takes the reigns and walks you right up to the closing table.

I would highly recommend Van to anyone looking to do a real estate transaction similar to ours.

Kevin & Janna McClung

I've bought and sold four homes my family has lived in. If I were to choose between the four realtors for another transaction I would pick Van Purser. He guided us through the entire selling process including: how to stage our home, coming up with the best asking price, negotiations with the  buyer, and closing. To price the house he provided very detailed comparisons of houses sold/for sale in the area. In evaluating the multiple offers we received he provided side-by-side comparisons of the details including an evaluation of the financial ability of the buyers to complete the transaction. There were NO oversights or surprises in the process. We believe we got the best deal for the time frame we asked Van to meet.

Kirk & Marilyn Thompson

My husband and I were looking to become first time homeowners, and as most first timers, we had a million questions! Not only were the Pursers patient and joyful in answering our many questions, Van and Jeanne also helped us narrow down what was most important to us and our future family. They gave us realistic expectations in the home-buying process and were quick to share all pros and cons of each property without “selling" us in either direction. Van and Jeanne are both honest and experts in what they do. We have already and will continue to recommend them to our family and friends. Thank you for making our home-buying experience a pleasant one!

Thank you both!

John & Brianna Morris

Van is like have a 3 in 1 package. Real Estate Agent, Investor and General Contractor. He was very patient with us as we went full circle from wanting to sell our home to buy a lake home on Lanier, to deciding to take our home off the market and search a second home only. Van's expertise as an investor and general contractor came in mighty handy when we found a major fixer upper/foreclosure. Although this was our 8th real estate transaction this was uncharted territory, as we had never been through a foreclosure purchase.

Van advised us along the way and as we got to the bid stage we were well equipped to make an offer. Throughout the process, we were most impressed with Van's meticulous assessment of home values which helped educate us during the process. Van actually was all 3 in 1 for our transaction and the finished product is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks Van and Jeanne for always being there for us.

Mark & Laurie Sussman

Very trustworthy and knowledgeable. Van knows the local market and is diligent in his research. He took the time time find the perfect house, and did not send us properties that were outside out profile / desires.

Don & Amy Murtha

We rented a home from Van many years ago and ended up purchasing that home from him. We recently sold that home and upgraded to a larger home to accommodate our growing family. Van and his wife Jeanne made the entire process exciting and really as simple as it could be. Their knowledge about the process, what to expect, what is the next step, what to look for, evaluating appraisals, offers, counter-offers, closing dates, attorneys, EVERYTHING was spot on and really did make it an enjoyable step in our lives. We are forever grateful for their help over the last 15 years. I would recommend Van and Jeanne (and have) to anyone in the market for buying, selling or renting properties

Robbie & Jolene Smith

There are not enough words to describe how great the experience was working with Van. We had worked with 2 different agents prior to working with Van, and had no success in selling our house, even though we had above average showings and a few offers. But with Van, we ALWAYS knew where we were in  the process, including what his follow up with other agents was, as we followed the strategic plan from start to finish.

No detail was over looked, from posting placards throughout the house highlighting benefits (many agents commented on those to us), to the closing table review of the transaction. For closing Van had prepared a financial statement with all the items in the closing as detailed as the closing attorney. It was easy to know that everything was correct, with no surprises, making it easy to sign the documents with confidence.

Even the other agent commented at the closing table how she had never had as great of an transaction experience as she did working with Van. Our only regret was that we didn't call him first.

Brian & Frances Jobman

Having known Van for 20+ years, when it came time to sell our home I knew I could trust him for advice on how to best maximize the selling price and achieve a quick sale. The results Van delivered were even better than expected. To help in our decisions, Van provided assessments of the market  value of our home in as-is condition and with a range of moderate to extensive updates. After weighing the pros and cons of each, we went with his recommendations of moderate updates that would be most attractive to our targeted/most likely buyer. Van's guidance and market assessment proved to be spot-on… on the sixth day of listing we had an offer for 99% of our asking price (which I should add was much higher than we thought was possible before discussing with Van.) Van expertly guided us in turning the offer into a purchase agreement and we closed six weeks later. Again, Van exceeded our wildest expectations!

From our initial discussions to the closing table (a short ten weeks), the process couldn't have been any smoother. Van's experience with and knowledge of real estate shines through every step of the way. Van knows real estate as if he was born with the acumen and I recommend Van for any of your real estate needs.

Alan & Carol Burton


Elizabeth Watson

Ron and Lucille Hancock

Van is the hardest working realtor I've ever encountered! He is knowledgeable, sharp, responsive, insightful and of the highest integrity. His processes shared with my wife and I, saved us lots of time and funds. His follow-up continues even after the purchase and sale. A true professional!!

Ron & Lucille Hancock

Van and Jeanne Purser are awesome. Their experience and depth of knowledge of real-estate and the area is great. Along with this, they are truly kind and genuine people. During our house search process not once did I feel like Van and Jeanne didn’t have our best interest at heart. Van continued to  ask probing questions of myself and my wife to assess what we are looking for, and to get us to constantly evaluate and refine what we are looking for.

Van is also a licensed contractor and I found his knowledge invaluable on helping assess a house’s condition. Due to his knowledge he identified potential issues early, which were obvious once pointed out. I would have eventually noticed them later, or would have been found in a home inspection.

He tries not to influence you decision, but puts in great effort to make sure you have solid information to make a good decision. I believe this saved valuable time and effort in our search. I have worked with several real estate agents in the past, and working with Van and Jeanne was by far the best experience I have had so far. In the end we found and acquired a house that was above our expectations at a price point below our goal.

Anyone looking for a real estate agent to work with or to represent them could not go wrong with Van and Jeanne.

Aaron Debely