We Buy Houses in Foreclosure for Cash 

We have over thirty years’ experience in buying foreclosures.  We Get Results!

As Real Estate Professionals with over 20 years of experience with Metro Brokers and RE/MAX, we have worked with hundreds of homeowners facing similar situations.  Our expertise in the areas of Short Sales and Foreclosures will provide guaranteed results.

Cash buyers are actually the ideal buyers if foreclosure proceedings have actually started.  Once advertised in the county’s local legal paper you will have only about four weeks to select and exercise a strategy that best reflects your needs and the foreclosure process.  The options generally include Bankruptcy filing to stop the process, listing your home and trying to identify a buyer that will buy on a Short Sale, Reinstating your loan prior to the foreclosure date, or Selling your home before the foreclosure date.

If we agree to purchase your home, the closing will proceed much like any other closing, except we will not need to secure a loan from a bank, and we will purchase it AS IS.  In many cases it may take several days to actually get a payoff from the lender; due to having to get all charges and fees from the foreclosing attorney.  Once we receive the payoff we can usually close within a day or two.  If you prefer we can represent you in the sale of your home as your Broker.

We understand that this is an awkward and undesirable situation; however we can assure you that the sale will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.  Please feel free to call or email us to arrange a personal meeting.  770-623-3313 or VanPurser@VanPurser.com

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