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With all of the foreclosed homes and fixer-uppers on the market the stage is set for your next purchase to be a great value.  However along with a foreclosure or REO you usually get a home that needs some amount of work to make it your dream home.  With this in mind it is important to have the recourses in place in order to take full advantage of the great buying opportunities. 

Take Advantage of the Opportunities
Rarely will you find a Broker who is also a Licensed General Contractor.  And rarely will you find a Broker who has purchased and renovated over 400 homes since 1981.  This unique combination of real estate expertise and construction knowledge will provide the assurance you need to move forward with that out-dated home, fixer-upper, foreclosure or REO you want; while avoiding the many pitfalls that exist. 

Create Your Dream Home
That’s right; we can turn that old foreclosure in to your dream home in a matter of weeks.  This will insure that it reflects your personal taste and has all of the upgraded features you desire; even before you move in.  Our long term relationships with our construction partners allow us to manage and complete remodeling or renovation projects in a timely and cost effective manner.  Whether remodeling your current home or your recent purchase we will complete your project according to plan and in budget. 

Recent Johns Creek Renovation This was a Fannie Mae foreclosure that one of our clients purchased.  We provided them an in depth analysis of the the cost improvements and the ARV (after repair value) of the home, as well as renovating it for them after their purchase.  

Recent Duluth Renovation  We were contacted by friends of ours from church about this home.  The house was known as "the yard that took over the neighborhood". They wanted us to buy it knowing that it would be renovated well and would have a positive impact on values in the community.  It turned out the way they hoped it would.

Recent Johns Creek HUD Home Renovation  This was a HUD home that need a lot of work.  We transformed the home on both the exterior and interior.  Once complete it sold in just a few days.

Foreclosure Renovation in Roswell  This home had been struck by lighting and caught on fire.  It required major structural work.  Removing the roof and stucco front, reframing the roof and a majority of the front wall.  We sold it in 12 hours for $385,000.  

Lake Lanier Foreclosure Renovation  This was a Fannie Mae foreclosure that we actually purchased for a client of ours and renovated it according to what they wanted, and then sold it to them after it was completed.  They ended up with over $30,000 in equity when they closed.

We Are Here to Help
Through our affiliate General Contracting firm; we can assist you with these types’ items and more. Whatever the project size we can handle it.

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