Preparing Your Home To Sale

In today’s competitive real estate market it is essential to do all you can to insure that your home looks and shows the best it can.  This may include addressing routine maintenance items, deferred maintenance items or even making selective or comprehensive improvements to the property in order to increase it’s value and insure that it will sale in a timely fashion. 

Start With a Home Inspection
This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it provides insight into many of the items which could potentially derail a transaction as a result of finding our about a issue upon the buyer performing their inspection.  Knowing about it in advance will provide you the opportunity to address any problem prior to putting the house on the market and will aid in avoiding problems arising from a buyers subsequent inspection.

A Pre-Listing Inspection will reveal many aspects of your home.  Typical of a Pre-Listing Inspection are insights into roof conditions, potential entry points for rodents in the attic, (a real issue for many people), safety issues such as wiring problems and furnace conditions.  Additionally water issues such as drainage, water penetration in to the house, rotted or decaying wood or openings that need sealing will be reported.

Knowing these things in advance and addressing them will insure that a potential buyer is not discouraged by them, as well as deceasing the possibility of having to re-negotiate the price after their inspection is done.

Listen To Your Broker or Agent
Your broker or agent will be a valuable source of information for other inexpensive items you may wish to have done. Pressuring washing, trim painting, lawn work, tree trimming, or interior touch ups.  All of these will aid in insuring that your house will look and show it’s best.

Through our affiliate General Contracting firm; we can assist you with these types’ items and more; by providing the necessary contractors or by coordinating and managing the work for you.  

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