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Since 1981 we have provided unique solutions to the real estate challenges faced by our clients.  From the days of eighteen percent interest rates in the early 80’s, to the recessions of the late 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, to the melt down of financial markets in 2008, and to the current low inventory market we are in the; we have incorporated unique and creative methodologies to assist our clients in achieving their real estate goals.  Over the years we have served our clients as Associate Brokers through our affiliation with Metro Brokers and RE/MAX.  These long term experiences with the most recognizable names in our industry have served to equip us to meet the many challenges that our clients face when buying or selling property.

Additionally our commitment to meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients is reflected in our commitment to technology.  With approximately 86% of all people beginning their search for a new home on the internet; it is imperative that the most current technology is utilized.  For sellers this will mean added exposure for your listing which will serve to reduce the amount of time required to sell your property.  And, for buyers this will provide you a user friendly site where you can search all area listings in a variety of ways. Whether beginning with a city, subdivision, zip code, school district or type of property such as a foreclosure; this site will make your search more productive. Your thoughts and suggestions on how to further improve our site are always welcome.

Real Estate Investment

The staff at Van Purser & Associates LLC is uniquely qualified to assist you in locating and evaluating your next real estate investment.  Whether that investment is in residential property for rental purposes or for immediate resale our knowledge and experience will assure you of decreased risk, greater appreciation and equity, improved cash flow and a greater return on your investment.

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