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With all of the foreclosures and great deals on the market having the right tools on hand when looking at a property can save you lots of time and money. By knowing the tools and by having them on hand, you will be able to properly evaluate a home on the first visit, resulting in being able to make an offer afterwards, without the assistance of an inspector or engineer, and without needing to return for a second or third visit prior to making an offer. This alone will allow you to make offers more quickly and will result in more deals going under contract.

The Basic Tools

A Flash Light
I can’t tell you the number of times would be buyers show up with a pin light on their key ring to look at property. A heavy duty flash will allow you to examine

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With the opportunities that exist today to purchase a home at a price that is significantly under market, many people are starting to consider investing in real estate. Whether an experienced investor or first timer, adhering to certain guidelines will increase the likelihood that your investment objectives are achieved. Here are several guidelines which, if utilized, will help you in making the right decisions.

Determine Your Purpose for Buying
This seems so simple, but with the number of good values out there it is possible to allow the value of a purchase to outweigh the purpose associated with buying it. For example suppose that you have funds available in your 401K or IRA and want to increase the return you are currently getting, but are not overly

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We felt that this particular home, located in The Hunters Forest subdivision, off of Jones Bridge Rd, should sell for the mid to upper $140’s.  We had originally planned on adding a sunroom to elevate the price to the mid $150’s, but decided not to.  We felt that with our purchase price of $71,000 we would still be able to make a profit without adding the sunroom. 


Our plans were to close just before Christmas, and to begin the renovation shortly after the beginning of the year, so that we would have it ready to return to market by March.  Instead we closed on November 30th, and started the renovation immediately, in order to provide work for our crew in advance of Christmas.  It worked out great, we finished on Christmas Eve.  Three weeks, and

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As approved HUD Brokers we not only have the ability to represent clients in the purchase of a HUD home, but are also eligible to purchase them ourselves.  This particular property had been appraised by HUD for $87,000 in its current “as is” condition.  Upon viewing the property and evaluating the upside potential, we determined that we should enter into the bidding process to buy this property.


The bidding process is an online bidding process which is initiated by an approved HUD broker.  This bidding process starts with verification of funds if paying cash, or verification of loan pre-approval.  Once verified by the broker, and a hard copy of the buyers offer is signed, the broker may then enter the offer amount into the on line format.  One thing

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This was one of our most enjoyable transactions; primarily because of the sellers who were a very delightful couple. He was a retired Atlanta police officer and always had a story to tell when I stopped by. When we were contacted by the owners; they had lived in the home for a number of years. In fact the house still had the 1970’s shag carpet in it; so it was pretty dated.


The home was one of those split foyers, you know the style; you walk in the front door and either go up or down.  There wasn’t really anything unique about the home; except that it had a foundation problem. I originally noticed it on my first visit to the home.  There was an elevated line that could be seen under the carpet.  I knew that it was a slab crack, but did not find out

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One of our recent flips was a ranch on a full basement in Alpharetta.  The home had
been lived in for a number of years by the then current owner.  The home needed updating to bring up the value, but it was mostly cosmetic in nature.  We thought it was about time to get one that did not need so much work.  Before & After


On the outside we replaced the roof with an architectural roof, removed the LP siding, replaced it with HARDI Plank, and repainted the exterior.  This made a huge difference in the exterior appearance, and did not represent a huge cost.  We also had to water proof a portion of the front foundation wall.  This required bringing in a back hoe, digging down to the footer, filling cracks in the block wall and then applying water proofing

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