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Posted by Van Purser on Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 10:39am.

Estate, defined by Webster as a state or condition of life.

I recently concluded a transaction which closed recently that reminded me of the Realness of what is going on in our economy.

The story begins with a 68 year old woman, who lost her husband of 42 years approximately 15 years ago. Although they had prepared well throughout their lives by saving for retirement, the ongoing complications of her husband’s disease eventually drained them of their resources. They were able to enjoy the final years of their life together in a home that they truly loved. Even after the death of her husband she was able to continue to live in her home for almost 15 years. But this was about to change.

It was early summer of 2010 when her employer, the North American Mission Board, made an announcement that they were going to eliminate 100 jobs, and that she would no longer have a job. Faced with the unavoidable realities of being 68 years old, jobless and nothing more than a small 401k, and Social Security to live off of; the decision was made to sale the home that she and her husband had lived in during the final years of his life.

The process began in October of 2010 and continued slowly as the home was marketed with the intention of doing a Short Sale on the property. Within weeks a buyer was identified and the Short Sale package submitted to the lender. After months of waiting the Short Sale was approved, setting the stage for closing a few weeks later. It was during this time that the reality of this life changing series of events began to set in. Emotions were triggered through the process of packing. As tools once used by her husband were sorted and given a way it seemed that the pain would be unbearable, especially with the uncertainty of what life would be like in the future.

Slowly the packing was completed and closing took place. I spoke with her on her way to Charleston where she was going to stay with family for a few weeks after closing in order to sort things out. She sounded good. SUV packed with all she needed for her short term stay and Lola her dog. This was early morning the day after closing and as we chatted I realized that the sun had set on her life here as it was rising in her new life as she headed toward Charleston.

But the story does not stop here. Here is a new owner of her home. A family preparing to move in, repainting and putting in new carpet before moving the family in and beginning to build their on memories in their new home.

Van Purser is a licensed real estate broker in Georgia. Since1981 he has successfully purchased and renovated over 400 homes. His expertise is in the area of foreclosures, rehabs and fixer uppers. Additionally, he has represented hundreds of clients over the years as a broker with Metro Brokers, RE/Max and now with his own firm. He and his wife, Jeanne, who is also a broker, have been married since 1977. Van can be reached at 770-623-3313 or by email

Van Purser and his wife Jeanne are a licensed Real Estate Brokers in Georgia.  Since1984 they successfully purchased and renovated over 400 homes.  Their expertise is in representing Buyers or Sellers as an advocate; which means always ensuring their best interest.  Additionally, they represented hundreds of clients over the years as an Associate Broker with Metro Brokers, RE/Max and now with his own firm.  He and his wife, Jeanne, have been married since 1977.   Van or Jeanne can be reached at 770-623-3313, or by email at or

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