Protecting Yourself Against Leins

Posted by Van Purser on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 3:24pm.

A contractor or vendor who supplies labor or materials to a new or existing home can file a mechanic’s or materialman’s lien if they are not paid for their services. The vendor must file a claim of lien within 90 days after completing their work or supplying materials to the property. Furthermore, the vendor must file a lawsuit to perfect the lien within 365 days after filing the claim of lien. Otherwise, the claim of lien expires and is void.

To prevent a lien from being filed against your property, a homeowner should insist that every vendor supplying labor or materials to the property sign a lien waiver upon receipt of payment. Moreover, if the homeowner engages a contractor to supervise the work, the contractor should sign an Affidavit of Payment upon completion of the project stating that every vendor has been paid for their work. Thus, if a vendor or subcontractor later files a lien against the property, this affidavit will provide a valid defense against said lien.

If a lien is filed against your property, the homeowner has several options. First, the homeowner can simply wait until the lien expires in 365 days after it was filed (assuming the vendor doesn’t file a lawsuit during this time period). Second, if the homeowner wants to sell or refinance the property and cannot wait until the lien expires, they can purchase a bond with the court to remove the lien from the property and allow the sale or refinance to proceed. Third, the homeowner can file a Notice of Contest with the court that would require the vendor who filed the lien to file a lawsuit within 60 days or else the lien expires.

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