Preparing For Closing on Your New Home

Posted by Van Purser on Thursday, March 1st, 2018 at 1:56pm.

As the day of closing approaches keep in mind that all parties have items to address right up to the date of closing.  This includes Buyers and Sellers as well as their agents, the lender, and the closing attorney. 

On The Sellers Side

  • Bring your driver’s license to closing.
  • Any and all title issues must be cleared by the closing attorney.
  • If signing as a Power of Attorney the original document must be present at closing.
  • All agreed upon repairs must be completed, and paid invoices generally provided to the Buyer’s agent.
  • All personal belongings must be removed from the home and yard.
  • The home must be left clean; this includes all appliances, carpets, floors, bathrooms and attics or basements.
  • Utilities must be disconnected by the seller or transferred by the buyer into their names.
  • The agent must remove all signs and lock boxes.
  • In advance of closing, you should receive a copy of the following from the closing attorney.
    • Sellers side of the closing disclosures.
    • A copy of the payoff statements for each of your mortgages, in order to compare to closing disclosure.
  • At closing, you should hand over house keys, amenity keys, garage door openers and any warranty information that may exist on appliances or systems, such as roofing, HVAC or plumbing.
  • At closing, you should ask for a copy of any checks written for taxes, HOA, and payoffs on your loans.  If wires are used then request that you are provided a confirmation that the wire has been sent.

On The Buyers Side

  • Bring your driver’s license to closing.
  • The buyer’s lender must provide the closing disclosures at least three days prior to closing, and they must accurately reflect the disclosures that were issued at loan application.
  • Buyers should have performed a walkthrough of the home being purchased to confirm that all repairs have been made and that the sellers have vacated the home.
  • All funds necessary to close should have been wired the day before.
  • If signing as a Power of Attorney the original document must be present at closing.
  • Home Owners insurance must be in place.
  • Be prepared to sign a ton of paperwork.

 Agents on Both Sides

The agents are charged with making sure that all of the above for each party has been addressed.  This will generally require that agents make sure that the buyer's lender has completed everything necessary to close and to verify with the closing attorney that there are no title issues and that they are in possession of all documents for closing from the buyers' lender.  Additionally, agents must ensure that all parties are fulfilling the requirements for possession.

Van Purser and his wife Jeanne are a licensed Real Estate Brokers in Georgia.  Since1984 they successfully purchased and renovated over 400 homes.  Their expertise is in representing Buyers or Sellers as an advocate; which means always ensuring their best interest.  Additionally, they represented hundreds of clients over the years as an Associate Broker with Metro Brokers, RE/Max and now with his own firm.  He and his wife, Jeanne, have been married since 1977.   Van or Jeanne can be reached at 770-623-3313, or by email at or

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