2017 Georgia (GAR) Contract Changes

Posted by Van Purser on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 12:23pm.

Limited Warranty Deed Instead of General

This is a major benefit for Sellers.  The old language required the Seller to convey title via General Warranty Deed.  This meant the Seller was warranting the title against all defects, including those that may have occurred before the Seller owned the property. 

Warranty: Seller warrants that at the time of closing Seller will convey good and marketable title to said Property by limited warranty deed…..

The 2017 GAR forms provide for the Seller to convey titles via a Limited Warranty Deed.  This limits the Sellers warranty to just the time that the Seller has owned the property.  (Your agent or Broker cannot mess this up)

Van Purser is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Georgia. Since 1981 he has represented hundreds of clients over the years as an investor, and Associate Broker with Metro Brokers, RE/Max and now with his own firm. He sees his role as your Broker as an advocate, always seeking ways to enhance your value and benefits.

He and his wife, Jeanne, who is also a broker, have been happily married since 1977. Van can be reached at 770-623-3313 or by email VanPurser@VanPurser.com.

Van Purser and his wife Jeanne are a licensed Real Estate Brokers in Georgia.  Van is also a Licensed General Contractor.  Since1984 they successfully purchased and renovated over 400 homes.  Their expertise is in representing Buyers or Sellers as an advocate; which means always ensuring their best interest.  Additionally, they represented hundreds of clients over the years as an Associate Broker with Metro Brokers, RE/Max and now with his own firm.  He and his wife, Jeanne, have been married since 1977.   Van or Jeanne can be reached at 770-623-3313, or by email vanpurser@vanpurser.com or jeanne@vanpurser.com

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Van Purser wrote: You are so correct. Many advantages to selling for cash. This is one I did recently in a Johns Creek community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZofR0DcIC24

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