Foreclosures & Warranty Deeds in Georgia

Posted by Van Purser on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 at 12:14pm.

Typically, when a seller conveys title to a purchaser, the seller executes a general Warranty Deed transferring all of their interests in the property. The seller is “warranting” to the buyer that the seller has good and marketable title to the property. Thus, if a title issue later arises involving a claim against the title that occurred at anytime prior to the sale, the purchaser can seek recourse against the seller through this Warranty Deed.

Today, many purchasers are buying foreclosed property wherein the seller (bank) only agrees to execute a Limited (or Special) Warranty Deed. Here, the seller is still conveying all of their interests in the property to the Purchaser. However, the seller is only “warranting” title to the purchaser for any claims against the title that occurred during the time that the seller (bank) actually owned the property. Thus, the seller is not responsible or liable for any claims that may have occurred prior to the seller taking title to the property. Many times, the bank only owned the property for a matter of months before reselling the property to a purchaser.

In any event, regardless of whether the seller executes a general or limited warranty deed, the purchaser can still obtain at closing an owner’s title insurance policy that protects against title claims that occurred anytime prior to the purchaser taking title. Therefore, as long as a purchaser obtains owner’s title insurance (which is strongly recommended in every transaction), the use of a general Warranty Deed versus a Limited Warranty Deed will have little or no impact on a purchaser down the road.

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