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When it comes to showing your home, there are things that can be done before and after the showing that will increase the attraction of prospective buyers, and provide valuable insights into what potential buyers thought of your home.

Follow the Keys To A Successful Showing and your home should sell quickly and at a higher price.


  • A flyer box will be left in the foyer or other location such as a dining room table, where agents can pick up a flyer of your home and leave their card. 

  • Special feature cards will be placed throughout the home to assist would be buyers in noting and remembering key features of your home.  They will contain QR codes that will allow for a buyer to access your listing online with their mobile

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What is the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when you need to use monthly income from assets?

Fannie Mae:

• 1-2 Unit primary residence or second home only. For purchase or rate/term refinance transactions
• Maximum Loan to Value is 80%
• Assets must be employee-related
• When assets have assessed a penalty, the penalty must be included in the calculation and deducted from the asset amount
• Calculating the net amount to use for monthly income form the asset, Minus 30%, if the assets are in the form of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
• Your calculation is applicable to the term of the loan in months such as 360,180, etc.
• The asset must be liquid and available to the borrower and must be one of the

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Automated Valuation Models (AVM’s) have become prominent on the internet over the past few years.  As an appraiser, I have been asked many times, “Why did the appraisal come in lower (or higher) than these AVM’s?”

To give an answer to this question you must consider where all this information is coming from.  For the most part, these “figures” are derived from tax records and/or Multiple Listing Services (MLS systems) and in some cases, the information used is gleaned from appraisers’ files.  When accessing these services, some AVM’s give options to help narrow down the fields utilized for the calculations.  Most AVM’s include your zip code, the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms you may have.  Other AVM’s (the better ones) give you more

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Many agents do not take into consideration the art and science of valuing a home.  Most agents merely punch CMA, which gives them the averages, the highs, and lows.  There are many issues that cause the home to appraise.  We will discuss some of the issues of valuing a home.

This home was listed for $350,000.  And we offered $360,000, which exceed the listing price.  And we won the offer.  My analysis resulted in the price range of $360,000 you $364,000.  The appraisal came in at $362,500.


We also look at appreciation.  We go back to the original date it was sold and apply the appreciation rate.  Based on the condition of the house the appreciation will vary. 

Age of the Home   

One of the rules for appraising property is

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