February 2017

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Each year our Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) works very hard to update the GAR Forms that most major Brokerage firms use.  The annual release of new or updated forms always has an impact on the Brokers' clients, whether Buyers or Sellers.  Below you will find some of the more significant changes and the impact that they may have.

2017 CAD

Community Association Disclosure (CAD or HOA Exhibit)

In years past many agents have overlooked this as an essential element of the contract, leaving it out, or in many cases allowing for the Seller client to fill it out without attention to detail.  In the past the consequences were nominal and rarely caused a problem.

However the changes in the (2017 CAD or HOA Exhibit) now carry a potentially large

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We Are Now Offering Sold Data for Property in Your Community

A recent website upgrade of ours included the addition of SOLD DATA.  This information not only includes all listing data associated with the listing while on the market, but also all changes in pricing and STATUS CHANGES.

How to Use This Information

Once on our site you will see SEARCH AREA on the right side of the site.  Immediately below you will see FMLS, use the drop down arrow to display FMLS SOLD'S.  Once selected you may search from her, or you may choose to REFINE your search, which will provide many additional search fields to further assist in your search.  Our site also provides SOLD DATA on commercial, multi family, land, lots, condo and town homes. 

 Access the

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