June 2016

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Real estate conditions here in the Greater Atlanta area are increasingly favoring the Seller side of the transaction.  As of the end of April we had 2% fewer detached single family home listings than we had at the same time last year.  This is contributing to a number of issues all attributable to low inventory. Certainly price point and location play a huge role in real estate; however, virtually all areas of Greater Atlanta are experiencing similar issues.

In many cases Sellers are receiving multiple offers on their properties.  And it is not uncommon for the offers to exceed the list price.  This requires additional due diligence by the sellers' agents to insure that the best offer is selected, and decreases the need for sellers to

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We recently received a call from some dear friends suggesting that we contact the owner of this home.  It is located in Duluth, just inside the city limits, and only a short walk from downtown, a very desirable area.  Our friends, who are neighbors, wanted us to purchase this home to insure that the renovation was done correctly; resulting in improving the values in the neighborhood and hopefully providing a good neighbor in the process.  The home was known as “the yard that took over the neighborhood”.

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Although not a large home, it had about 1556sf; consisting of three

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