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Delightful Clients Close on a Perfect Home

Things just have a way of working out.  That was the case with these clients.  Originally desiring to stay around the Windward area in order to keep the kids in the same school, but nothing seemed to work.  So the search was expanded a little to take in areas slightly south and west of Windward. 

Our search quickly gravitated to new construction.  Unfortunately, this occurred at a time when resale inventory was diminished, and although building permits were up, there still was not a lot to choose from.  Builders knew this and were not willing to adjust their prices to where my clients wanted to be.  

During the early stages of our search we had looked at a home west of 400, in the 30004 area of

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What a difference a year makes. Last year this time no one expected the reversal in housing that we are currently experiencing. A year ago investors and all cash transactions made up over 40% of home sales. We have seen that reduced to approximately half of that. Additionally the flow of foreclosures into the market has been significantly reduced by fewer mortgage defaults, and the presence of Private Equity Groups purchasing in volume. Add to this many would be sellers are still underwater on their loans and are choosing to stay put while prices continue to rise. The result is decreased supply, multiple offers on homes, and increasing prices.

Normally we do not move so quickly from a Buyers’ Market to a Sellers’ Market, but the current conditions

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Beautiful Renovated Contemporary
In Rivermont Country Club

This beautifully renovated home in Rivermont Country Club was recently purchased by one of our clients.  She was referred to us by co-workers at the company she works with.  At the time she had a house on Lake Lanier that she wanted to sell in order to down size and get closer to work.  She was traveling an hour and a half each way in busy traffic.

The home on Lake Lanier sold in a predictable fashion once the correct value was determined.  A previous broker had it over priced by more than $70,000, and no one even looked at it during the time it was on the market.  Within weeks of our firm relisting it at the correct price we had identified a buyer and went under contract at what we had

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Making the Most of Your Investment

Whether you choose to buy, sell or stay in your current home, homeowners have to maintain their property the best they can to hopefully grow their investment.  Homeowners are investing into kitchen remodeling to enjoy for themselves but also to invest for a future home sale.  Here are 5 top trends when considering a kitchen remodel.

Will I Keep My Cabinets or Replace Them?

The budget for a kitchen remodel varies depending on what the homeowner wants to achieve.  If your kitchen cabinets are in great condition, consider Refinishing your cabinets instead of opting for replacing them.  Using a Cabinet Refinishing company will give you more long lasting and durable results instead of using a “Cabinet Refacing”

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4 Things You Need to Know When Qualifying For a Mortgage

Unfortunately, many so-called experts have led the public to believe that qualifying for a mortgage in today’s environment is extremely difficult.  In reality, although the documentation for mortgages is as extensive as ever, qualifying for a mortgage isn’t really any more difficult than in past years.  

During the housing boom of the early 2000’s, many firms rolled out all kinds of creative financing options for prospective homebuyers.  Stated income loans, sub-prime loans, etc. were just a few ways homebuyers could finance with minimal paperwork or qualifications. These niche products played a role in the mortgage meltdown and as a result, are no longer available in the marketplace.


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The Trends In Mortgage Rates

Mortgage interest rates have been trending upward for the last few months and every data point suggests that the historic lows of 2012 will not be seen again. 

Consumer confidence has been on the rise since the end of the recession, with a dip in 2012 and another dip in January of this year.  What has not yet happened is a slight correction for interest rates and stock prices that almost all analysts agree will happen before interest rates continue their upward run.  Predicting when that will happen is anybody’s guess.  If you are considering purchasing or refinancing, now is the time to act. 

According to Fannie Mae’s 3rd Quarter Financial Report, only 21% of their portfolio was originated in 2012.  That means that

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With the opportunities that exist today to purchase a home at a price that is significantly under market, many people are starting to consider investing in real estate. Whether an experienced investor or first timer, adhering to certain guidelines will increase the likelihood that your investment objectives are achieved. Here are several guidelines which, if utilized, will help you in making the right decisions.

Determine Your Purpose for Buying
This seems so simple, but with the number of good values out there it is possible to allow the value of a purchase to outweigh the purpose associated with buying it. For example suppose that you have funds available in your 401K or IRA and want to increase the return you are currently getting, but are not overly

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