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Home for Sale in Riverbrooke in Duluth, GA

2510 Kingsbrooke Lane, Duluth, Ga 30097

This new listing in the sought-after Riverbrooke subdivision in Duluth is located between Peachtree Industrial Blvd and Buford Hwy making it ideal for commuting, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and award winning new Duluth Downtown district. Duluth schools have some of the highest ratings in Gwinnett County including Coleman Middle School (STEM school). Duluth has won awards for its family-oriented environment and safety and is well-known around the region for its distinctive parks, fun events, and high-quality mixed-use developments. There's always something interesting happening in the Duluth Downtown District; new art projects on display, shops,

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Another change that occurred with the 2018 Tax Law has to do with Home Equity Loans.  Previously the interest on (HELOC) or Second Mortgage could be deducted from your taxes regardless of the reason you used the loan for. The Tax Bill enacted on December 22, 2017, suspended the deduction of Home Equity Loans or Second Mortgage between 2018-2026. 

In order to use the interest deduction on your taxes; the money must be used on your own personal residence or a second home (aka) know as a qualified residence; to buy, improve, or make additions to your personal residence.  Replacing roof, decks, windows, or kitchen and bath renovations qualify for the interest deduction. No longer can you write the interest off if the funds are used for college tuition,

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Private Mortgage Insurance is a protection for lenders when they lend on Conventional loans over 80% loan to value, and on all USDA, FHA and VA loans.  The amount of PMI can range from $100 to $250 or more, depending on the value of your home.

Congress did renew the provision for deducting your Private Mortgage Insurance for the year of 2017.  This means that if you secure a Conventional loan for over 80% of the sales price, and FHA and VA mortgages, you will be able to deduct that premium from your taxes in 2017.  In order to receive a credit for it on your taxes, it must be your personal residence, and not an investment property.  Also, the deduction is phased out for those that earn up to $109,000 in adjusted gross income.

Also, some mortgage

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Each month you will be able to check how the market is doing in your county.   The interactive statistics will provide insight into Average Sales prices, Number of Closed Sales year over year, percentage of Sales Price to List Prices, Average Days on Market, as well as the year over year numbers for distressed properties in your area.

Average Sales Price
This statistic will provide insight into year over year changes in Sales Prices..  This valuable information will provide insight into whether home prices are increasing or decreasing in your area as well as the percentage of change for each month and year over year.

Number of Closed Sales
This statistic will provide insight into the number of homes sold in your county, and the changes that have

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You would think that once a buyer and seller have agreed on the price and terms of the sale of a home that the hard part would be over. This is not always the case. Home inspections if not handled correctly can sometimes cause more anxiety than negotiating the price and terms of the home. Knowing a few simple guidelines will help in working through inspection issues.

Inspection Period aka Due Diligence Period

In Georgia, this period is usually called the Due Diligence Period. It is during this time, which is agreed to by both buyer and seller, that the buyer has the right at their own expense to inspect the property for defects. The most common types of inspections are Home Inspections, Termite Inspections, Radon Inspections, Septic System

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As the day of closing approaches keep in mind that all parties have items to address right up to the date of closing.  This includes Buyers and Sellers as well as their agents, the lender, and the closing attorney. 

On The Sellers Side

  • Bring your driver’s license to closing.
  • Any and all title issues must be cleared by the closing attorney.
  • If signing as a Power of Attorney the original document must be present at closing.
  • All agreed upon repairs must be completed, and paid invoices generally provided to the Buyer’s agent.
  • All personal belongings must be removed from the home and yard.
  • The home must be left clean; this includes all appliances, carpets, floors, bathrooms and attics or basements.
  • Utilities must be disconnected
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Closing Cost and Transaction Fees

One of the many challenges faced by both Buyers and Sellers in today market place is the increasing cost associated with purchasing a home.  With increased demands on virtually all players in the real estate transaction, cost continues to rise.  Appraisals have gone up, the cost of title insurance has increased, the effects of (TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) are putting increasing demands on lenders and law firms resulting in increased labor and expenses, all of which are affecting the closing cost associated with purchasing a home. 

Closing costs or Transaction cost generally fall into several categories:  Loan Origination Cost, Attorney Fees & Government Recording Fees, Inspection Fees and Escrow

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Putting the cart before the horse, getting ahead of yourself, whatever you want to call it, going through the mortgage and real estate process in the wrong order can be confusing, frustrating, disappointing, and it could cost you hours of time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, a lot of times, the order of activities goes something like this: 1. Become interested in purchasing a home; 2. Go online and do some research; 3.  Find a few houses that seem to be a good fit; 4.  Contact a Real Estate agent for more information; 5.  Contact a mortgage provider to get details on available loan programs, interest rates, monthly payment scenarios, etc.  Some extraordinarily out-of-order buyers may even squeeze in an additional step

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In today’s real estate market receiving multiple offers on a property is not uncommon.  In fact we recently offered several properties for sale that had seven offers on each the first weekend.  When this happens it is critical that the agent or Broker have a strategy to properly evaluate all offers in order to advise their Seller clients how best to respond.

Offer Instructions

Providing “Offer Instructions” is an effective way to guide and direct agents on what the Seller would want in the offer.  Drafting “Offer Instructions” which can be loaded on to our forms platform provides agents an opportunity to review the “Offer Instructions” prior to submitting an offer.  This helps to influence the transaction from a very early stage, and also serves

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Sellers and buyers will both benefit from having a better understaning of where a home fits into the overall pricing structure of a community. As a buyer by following these simple guidelines you can increase the likelihood that the offer you make will represent a good value to you, and if a seller you won't be inclined to turn down an offer that you should accept.

First- Have your agent provide you a list of all of the homes like the one you are considering, that are either under contract, or that have sold within the last 3-4 months. 

Second- Upon review you will begin to notice that they can be arranged into three categories.  Let’s call these categories A, B and C. Now separate each of the properties into one of the three categories. 


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